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Do you want to host your very own paint party? Look no further. We now offer "Traveling Paint Kits" for you!


The price is per kit.


- 1 pre-sketched canvas, size 11x14 inch

- 3 paint brushes

- 1 paint set with primary or neon colors

- 1 photo of the painting

- 1 napkin

- 1 palette (paper plate)

- 1 apron

- Instructions


What you will need:

- a cup of water to rinse brushes

- a table cover to protect your painting surface

- snacks

- beverages

- music !


Each set will be individually wrapped in a clear giftbag for you to hand to each painter. Everything you need is included. These make great for gifts as well. 

Sun Bathe

  • All sales are final. There are no refunds. 

  • Domestic Shipping: Priority USPS $7.95

    Local delivery: $3.99


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